The LivOn Foundation was created in honor of Olivia Naples Bostic. Olivia, at 37 years old and in the best physical shape of her life, was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Colon Cancer. This means the cancer spread to other organs, including her liver and ovaries. Olivia, a Physician Assistant for 10 years, noticed symptoms and changes in her body that appeared to be minor or easily explained. When the practitioner became the patient, she realized how she can help others deal with this diagnosis and treatment.

Our mission is to educate and promote awareness for early detection of Colon Cancer for those 50 years of age and under. Many individuals under age 50 and under go undiagnosed because symptoms are unnoticed, embarrassing to discuss, or are explained away for a person with no family history of colon cancer. As a result, we at LivON Foundation are working to increase awareness of symptoms and hopeful prevention of Colon Cancer in those 50 and under. In addition, we work to give financial support individuals 50 and under affected by Colon Cancer in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area. LivON.

LivON Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation

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